Cad Cam Functional Foot Orthotics

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A functional foot orthotic can help with many foot problems.The semi-rigid EVA material is far more functional and comfortable in controlling the foot.We are able to get a far more comfortable orthosis than the hard plastic type.

Walking over the Rs scan pressure plate allows us to get a dynamic image in real time of the pressure and force distrubution taking place under your feet as you walk.This technology allows us to assess your gait and create a functional foot orthotic that supports your feet, alleviates pressure and corrects your gait.

To manufacture the foot orthotics we use the Swiss Comfort CAD-CAM system to take a pressure digitised mould of your feet, over-lay it on a scanned picture of your feet and then do the necessary adjustments to that digitised mould using the Swiss Comfort program.

The appropriate orthotic blank is placed into the Swiss Comfort mill which mills out the orthoses to the exact funtional shape that is required. A second pair can simply be milled out at a later stage if required.

We have three densities of EVA orthotic blanks to chose from depending on the need.