Correctio Harness

What is a Correctio harness?

A Correctio harness is an orthosis that your baby needs to wear to treat developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). It consists of a foam covered wire section that sits under the knees and a harness with two straps that cross over at the back and go over the shoulders.

How to attach the brace. 

  • Lay your baby on their back and bend the knees up towards the chest and out to the sides
  • Slip the brace up under the knees and lay the straps out straight
  • Ensure the peach coloured wire section cups the thigh and the white harness section sits on your baby’s tummy or chest
  • Cross the straps at the back and do them up by slipping the strap through both rings, then back over the first one and under the second one.
  • The straps must be tightened to the line that the orthotist has marked to ensure the harness is worn correctly.


Nappy changes The Correctio harness should be left on whilst changing your baby’s nappy. Ensure that you feed the tabs of the nappy through the straps at the back of the legs so that the harness IS NOT inside the nappy. Clothes Clothes can be worn on top of the Correctio harness – this maximises the amount of time your baby is in the orthosis as you will not need to remove the harness and clothes to change the nappy. It is okay to leave a singlet or baby grow underneath the harness as long as you minimise the amount if time when you remove the harness. The harness is removed for a bath. Car seats and prams Some prams and car seats are quite narrow and you may have trouble fitting your baby in comfortably when they are wearing the harness. You may need to adjust the car seat or hire a bigger one for the duration of the treatment. Holding/positioning/feeding/swaddling 
  • Ensure your baby’s knees are kept out to the sides at all times to ensure the hips stay in the correct position
  • Do not push the knees inwards against the harness – you may need to reposition your baby whilst holding and feeding them for the duration of treatment
  • Ensure the blanket is wrapped loosely over the knees when swaddling your baby, so that it does not pull the knees inwards. 
Bathing You may remove the Correctio harness to bath your baby only if you have been instructed to do so. If your baby is required to wear the brace 24 hours per day, you will need to sponge bath them around the harness. Cleaning the harness If necessary, you can clean the harness with cold, mild soapy water. Ensure the harness is completely dry afterwards to avoid irritating the skin. You have been supplied with spare tubi grip to cover the peach coloured foam the tubi grip can be hand washed and reused. Tummy time Tummy time can be continued while your baby is wearing the harness if you monitor them closely. Prop a thin pillow underneath your baby’s chest to help with positioning. Tummy time can also be done after bath time when the harness is off. Getting used to the Correctio brace It will take you and your baby a little while to adjust to wearing the Correctio harness. Each baby reacts differently to the harness – some don’t notice they are wearing it and others become quite unsettled for a day or two, this is normal. The harness is not causing your baby any pain; it is just frustrating as they cannot kick their legs freely while wearing the harness. Follow up appointments The orthopaedic surgeon or paediatrician will review your baby throughout the length of the treatment This may be every 4 to 6 weeks. The Correctio harness will be reviewed by us (orthotists) every two weeks. This is to adjust the length and position of the harness. If you are concerned about any aspect of the harness please contact us. Please phone us if you have any queries you have my mobile number. Please remember: 
  • The Correctio harness is not causing your baby pain – they may cry until they are used to wearing the harness, this is normal. Please persist with the Correctio harness treatment!
  • Do not adjust the harness yourself. Should you feel it requires an adjustment or review please contact us.
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